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How Adult Dyslexia Effects You

Dyslexia in adults is particularly hard because often the individual who has dyslexia tries to hide it or mask it from society. They are afraid of what might happen to their social situation, job status and reputation if they are discovered. There are many facets to dyslexia that cause a variety of issues in daily life. They are not issues that will stop daily life but just create frustration. Some symptoms are harder to deal with then other but understanding and recognizing them is the first step in succeeding despite them.

Getting tested for adult dyslexia is good idea if you at all feel that you may be suffering. The untreated symptoms could be altering your quality of life. When the symptoms and issues present are recognized a tactic can be developed to curb its effects. Watch for some of the following common effects that dyslexia can have, and try a few of these ideas to manage their effects.

Keeping track of time spent on tasks can be very difficult for an individual with dyslexia. This isn?t an excuse for those who spend time poorly but if you know you have dyslexia it is something you can watch out for and recognize. Some simple ideas to aid in time management is to keep a planner, set goals with specific times for you to meet those goals and then keep a clock on your desk to track your progress by.

Some days are just so full that it can be particularly hard for some adults with dyslexia to keep the priorities of a day in proper order. A quick idea is to set aside 10 minutes a day to just organize and make a list of what has to be done to today and what can wait until later. Use colored pens to make your list (red means urgent, blue means it’s less important) or make two separate columns on your list. Then carry your list in your pocket so that you can reference it through out the day.

Information that is spoken can be especially hard to remember because dyslexia has a tendency to scramble things up in your mind. A solution to try is to take notes as people speak, or as your boss for an outline of the meeting. You could also be creative in the way you take your notes: draw key points or make a mind-map/ flow chart of the information so that they proper order of the information is record too.

Adult dyslexia isn’t a disease that will stop you from living a fulfilling life but it will take some work to overcome. Try these few simple ideas and learn your own individual ways dyslexia is affecting your life and make a game plan to curb its effects. If you think at all that you might be suffering take an adult dyslexia test and it will help you determine both whether or not you have it and to how severe it may or may not be.

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