Adult Dyslexia Test | Dyslexia In The Workplace

Dyslexia In The Workplace

Adult dyslexia manifests itself in various ways. In most cases, the problems include difficulty in spelling, reading, writing, making calculations, and process information. However, since such problems occur at all levels and the intensity of the problem varies, it may be hard to find whether a person is actually dyslexic or not.

Work Performance And The Problem Of Dyslexia

Like in schools and colleges, unfortunately, people at a workplace are also classified as performers, under-performers and non-performers. In most cases, the person who is not performing well at workplace is considered as stupid, lazy, or careless. However, such persons might be suffering from adult dyslexia and that is the reason why they are not performing well. The problem of dyslexia has direct correlation with work performance. Different severities of dyslexia have different problems. For example, some may experience difficulties with visual processing of information while others with motor integration or with auditory processing. The work performance depends mainly upon the severity of the problems. In most cases, different symptoms coexist in different combinations.

Organizational Psychologist In The Workplace

Now when it is clear that poor performance of the work may not always be the result of laziness or carelessness, it is very important for the management of the organization to have a system that could do the dyslexia test in order to find out if there are employees who are suffering from such problems. The importance of an organizational psychologist in the workplace cannot be ignored. These are expert people who can perform the test for adult dyslexia effectively on your employees in order to find out they have dyslexia. Once employees are identified, the psychologist can work with them in order to enhance their performance.

Recognizing The Strengths

It is very important for you to understand that different variations of dyslexia, despite difficulties with several things, may demonstrate a range of strengths as well. These strengths may include excellent creativity and artistic flair, three-dimensional visual thinking skills, etc. Therefore, the task of the psychologist should not only be to identify the problems, but the strengths as well. This way, they can help the organization to productively use the resources.

The adult dyslexia test is a complex affair, as it has been found that dyslexics usually develop different degrees of compensatory strategies in an attempt to hide their disabilities. For example, they may be rude to you when you talk about something that is difficult for them to understand, such as several numerical sequences.

However, the problem of adult dyslexia should never be a hindrance to employment. Instead, every organization must develop certain strategies to assist those with dyslexia increasing performance effectively in the workplace.

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  1. SYLVIA on December 21st, 2009 11:40 am

    I have suffered the shame of struggling at shcool my father thought i was dumb and gave me a readers digest huge book about inpoving your comprehention when i was 6yrs old told me to read it all threw my summer school holidys. he was a bully to all of us kids! when i married suported my sons and one was diagknosed with dislexia at grade 7 but both had suffered with problems with leaning from an very early age. i was releeved that to hear there was help but it was an up hill battle as their father was very un supportive im 46yrs never been diagnosed but when some thing comes up on .t.v. about dislexia its helpful and reminds me to do some reseach for my self. i would love to be assest so i can get on with my life ! thankyuo for your terrific web page its great. sincerely from sylvia. i have been having great difficulties tring to study any thing due problems with learning thats computing even first aid training failed as i go into panic mode thinking : why why cant i retain info why am i the only one to feel such embarresment ! i appreiciate any help siincerely sylvia

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