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Adult Dyslexia Tests

Adult dyslexia is usually described as a neurological learning disorder that is primarily associated with written language – in particular, with reading and spelling. These types of problems can also occur because of deficiency with vision or hearing, however those things are non-neurological. Dyslexia is different. People with this kind of problem may find it difficult to process information and correlate the written symbol with the spoken sound. Other areas of difficulty in people with dyslexia may include time keeping, speed and distance, personal organization, and numeric calculations. If you are unsure whether or not you have dyslexia or how severe it is, a dyslexia test can help figure that out.

The Range And Severity Of The Problem

The dyslexia symptoms may be almost similar in all dyslexic people, but the range and severity of the problem may greatly vary. For example, some only suffer from mild spelling difficulties while there are also people suffering from adult dyslexia who are severely affected with organizational problems and even complete literacy. However, no matter what is the intensity of the problem, it is very important for you to understand that dyslexia does not make people dumb or stupid. Most of the times, people confuse this problem with intellectual disability, which is not true. People with dyslexia can work and progress just as one can to have exceptional abilities. In fact, such problems may occur at all levels of intelligence. The person may be highly gifted, above average, average, sub-average. The dyslexia doesn’t define the person.

How To Find If A Person Is Suffering From Dyslexia

There is no medical test (i.e. blood test, CAT scan, MRI, etc.) that could find out if a person is suffering from adult dyslexia. However, there are certain symptoms that may help you identify the problem. But again, all of these symptoms may not necessarily be found in every case, as I said earlier the intensity of the problem varies.

  • Poor spelling, poor punctuation, and poor presentation of written work
  • The person may have the idea, but he or she may not be able to speak that or present the same in written format
  • Difficulty with note-taking
  • Difficulty with sequences, such as they may find it difficult to find page 62, para 4, line 6
  • Confusion between the similar looking alphabets, such as M and W, b and d, etc.
  • Difficulty with time-management

Overall, a dyslexia test is all about identifying the above symptoms in a person in order to find out if he or she is suffering from such problems.

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  4. Brian Barnes on January 7th, 2011 4:18 am

    I have suffered with extreme Dyslexia for all of my 68 years but it did not stop me from becoming a leading Sales and Marketing executive with an international company. I always found ways to overcome my disadvantages or to disguise them.
    However i came out of hiding some years back and admitted my problems. This i found a great relief. I have made great progress with solving my problems and am shareing them with others in an effort to help them. There are far more affected people out there suffering with Dyslexia than i cold ever have imagined, but since i talked about my problems openly, others came forward to speak with me, because as a sucessful businessman and leading member of our community, no one imagined that i would or could have a problem like theirs. I have never had profesional help in any way but have improved out of sight over the years using my own self help methods. I am in the processof writing several books about my life and the first is titled “The Lazy Salesman” a title i gave to myself later in life to explain what i did before retiring at age 55. I laugh when i describe myself as the “Lazy Salesman” because i would always think up ways to get people to purchase the products i was selling and i was so good at this that i was rewarded very well financially.
    The introduction to my story, about my early life and school years, is an absolute eye opener, and people who have read it, comment that what i have achieved should have been impossible.
    If you are interested i can email the story to you along with my treatment methods when they are a little more advanced.
    Thank you forthe platform to speak out about this delibetating problem i have experienced.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Brian Barnes

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