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It’s Not Too Late To Undergo Adult Dyslexia Screening

There are many adults who are not even aware that they belong to the large population of individuals suffering from adult dyslexia. This is due to the fact that they were raised during the time when screening tests for dyslexia were not yet introduced or made widely available. Unavailability of diagnostic tests and treatment options prevented them from overcoming the signs and symptoms of this learning disability. This is the main reason why they have suffered the negative implications of dyslexia for the rest of their life, which probably hindered advancement in their jobs, education, and even relationships with others. But no matter how old you are it is not too late. Advancement in the medical field lead to the discovery of online adult dyslexia tests that are effective in diagnosing if an adult is suffering from this learning difficulty.

Suffering the effects of adult dyslexia is not an easy concern to deal with but with the help of screening tests, it is now possible to determine the severity of the condition in a particular dyslexic person. After proper diagnosis is arrived at, it would be easier to establish the treatment options designated for the sufferer. You should be aware now that the difficulty in reading, processing information, spelling, and writing that you often observe in that particular person is not in any way related to intelligence. Proper diagnosis would help a person lift their self-esteem upon knowing that he/she is not a dumb person, contrary to what many think he/she is. Gone are the days when the adult dyslexic stays away from other individuals in the fear of being laughed at because of the certain lapses that he/she has when communicating with others. Once properly diagnosed, a person would be able to confirm that they are not a slow learner after all. Most importantly, the adult dyslexic can now find the appropriate treatment approach. This would be his route to being successful in his career and would greatly change his view about the life he would lead today and in the future.

It is never too late to go through adult dyslexia screening tests. There are many qualified health professionals trained to provide dyslexia assessment tests for children and adult dyslexics. In addition to this is the availability of online adult dyslexia tests. that are proven effective in the task of diagnosing if a person is suffering from this learning difficulty. This is the initial step to take in your desire to turn the effect of adult dyslexia as driving force for a more successful You!

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Symptoms of Adult Dyslexia

More and more people are discovering that they have dyslexia in a variety of severities. It is common to hear of dyslexia among children, but what is less common to hear about is the number of adult dyslexia cases. Often, frustrations and confusion come from not realizing that you or someone else has dyslexia and not knowing that there is help for adults with dyslexia.

The best way to discover whether or not you have dyslexia is to take an online adult dyslexia test, where they will test you on a variety of aspects and determine the lack of or severity of dyslexia. Below are some common things people with dyslexia struggle with that can help you decide if a dyslexia test would be worth your time:

  • Learning to speak
  • Learning letters and their sounds
  • Organizing written and spoken language
  • Memorizing number facts
  • Reading quickly enough to comprehend
  • Persisting with and comprehending longer reading assignments
  • Dyslexia can make it hard to put things in order. For instance during the day or at work it may be difficult to keep the priorities of the day in the most crucial order.
  • Spelling
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Correctly doing math operations
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Coordination difficulties
  • Problems with learning names
  • Difficulties in map reading or form filling
  • Problems remembering messages or instructions
  • Good spatial awareness
  • Clear handwriting
  • Meticulous presentation
  • Difficulty with little words
  • Time management
  • Distraction

You do not have to suffer from all of these symptoms to have dyslexia, but if you do struggle with any of these tasks it could be a good idea to get an adult dyslexia test performed. The symptoms of dyslexia could be the reason behind a lot of frustrations you have been dealing with. The discovery of the source of the frustration will lead to a solution and eventually relief.

Dyslexia is a lifelong condition which affects a person’s ability to learn. A good summary of dyslexia symptoms is found in the origin of the word which is actually Greek meaning “trouble with words”. There are ways to cope with dyslexia and a variety of resources and organizations that offer extensive help and advice that teach vital skills to dealing with dyslexia.


Impacts Of Dyslexia

Adult dyslexia usually results in some serious impacts on the life of the sufferer. If you feel you are suffering from any of the following, you may want to invest in a dyslexia test to know if you have the condition, and how to treat it. The following outlines what some of these impacts are:

Impacts Of Dyslexia On Students

A student with dyslexia may find it very difficult to handle some or all of the following fields:-

  • They may have a very bad memory. They may be in a habit of forgetting things very often.
  • They may not be able to retain things that have been just told to them.
  • They also usually struggle with time management.
  • As a result of the neurological disorder, they experience great difficulty in taking down notes.
  • Their handwriting can also suffer.
  • Adult dyslexia can result in poor spelling. It can be difficult to know what correct grammar or punctuation to use.
  • However, the main area of difficulty lies in reading. Sometimes, they even find it hard to recognize the alphabets. They get confused with similar looking words, such as pot and top. They may even read the word “can” as “akney” and so on.
  • Their perception can also be largely affected due to the problem. For example, when they attempt to read a particular passage, it may seem as if the alphabets were dancing.
  • Concentration can be difficult.
  • They can often be restless.

Misconceptions About Dyslexia

There are several misconceptions about adult dyslexia which eventually makes the problem seem much bigger. Most of the times, people do not understand the real problem and they start considering the dyslexic person as dumb and stupid. Because of such behavior, the person loses self-confidence. They start feeling rejected and isolated. However, it is very important to understand that all the negative impacts of dyslexia don’t change that dyslexia doesn’t affect creativity. As per an adult dyslexia test, it has been found that such people can think in pictures and can even present their ideas in the forms of images. They have vivid imagination, which is a considerable strength. If given proper support and encouragement, they can achieve great success.

The latest research and studies have shown that the brain of a person suffering from adult dyslexia functions differently. The portion of the brain that makes the person able to read and comprehend properly is weakened. However, the good news is that such things can be coped with. The only thing is that the success rate of the treatments depends on how early the problems are diagnosed. That is the reason why these days most schools and colleges have made it mandatory for every student to take a dyslexia test. This helps the management to identify those with dyslexia and provide them with proper support and encouragement.


Famous People With Dyslexia

Adult dyslexia is not a recent discovery. There have been people suffering from such neurological disorder for ages. There is in fact a virtually endless list of people with dyslexia who became famous because of their creative talent. Some of them even became legends. They never let their learning disability stand in the way of their success.

Tom Cruise

Let’s start with the famous Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise. Very few people know that he also has had dyslexia. The dyslexia test showed that the problem was most likely because of genetic reasons, as his mother also had dyslexia. Well, Tom has a typical behavior of doing most work with his left hand, but when it comes to writing, he uses his right hand. Tom was never an academic success, but he was a good athlete. He could not do much in his athletic career because of an unfortunate knee injury. But, the world knows how this man who suffered from adult dyslexia does all those stunts in movies and what a great actor he is. His mother encouraged him to utilize his acting talents that he demonstrated in high school in various plays.

Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Edison who was a brilliant scientist and whose inventions laid the foundation of our modern society also had dyslexia. He was treated as a dumb student in schools. His skills in mathematics were terrible. Even simple mathematical calculation was like a “Da-Vinci-Code” for him. He also faced severe difficulty with words and speech. But, this same man with adult dyslexia was an avid reader of the latest research. Despite all his disabilities, he was a hard worker. Over the course of his career, he sometimes even worked more than twenty hours a day.

The list of such famous people is virtually endless, as it also includes Jay Leno, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Winston Churchill, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, John F. Kennedy, Steven Spielberg, George Washington, Mohammad Ali, and Walt Disney.

In the words of Thomas Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Dyslexia does not mean you’ll be a genius like some of these famous people, but it also does not mean that one who is suffering from adult dyslexia does not have the right to study hard and succeed. They need encouragement and support from their teachers and families. If you know someone that is suffering from dyslexia, provide encouragement and support that builds. No medicine can do the magic that a few words or an act of affection can.


Dyslexia In The Workplace

Adult dyslexia manifests itself in various ways. In most cases, the problems include difficulty in spelling, reading, writing, making calculations, and process information. However, since such problems occur at all levels and the intensity of the problem varies, it may be hard to find whether a person is actually dyslexic or not.

Work Performance And The Problem Of Dyslexia

Like in schools and colleges, unfortunately, people at a workplace are also classified as performers, under-performers and non-performers. In most cases, the person who is not performing well at workplace is considered as stupid, lazy, or careless. However, such persons might be suffering from adult dyslexia and that is the reason why they are not performing well. The problem of dyslexia has direct correlation with work performance. Different severities of dyslexia have different problems. For example, some may experience difficulties with visual processing of information while others with motor integration or with auditory processing. The work performance depends mainly upon the severity of the problems. In most cases, different symptoms coexist in different combinations.

Organizational Psychologist In The Workplace

Now when it is clear that poor performance of the work may not always be the result of laziness or carelessness, it is very important for the management of the organization to have a system that could do the dyslexia test in order to find out if there are employees who are suffering from such problems. The importance of an organizational psychologist in the workplace cannot be ignored. These are expert people who can perform the test for adult dyslexia effectively on your employees in order to find out they have dyslexia. Once employees are identified, the psychologist can work with them in order to enhance their performance.

Recognizing The Strengths

It is very important for you to understand that different variations of dyslexia, despite difficulties with several things, may demonstrate a range of strengths as well. These strengths may include excellent creativity and artistic flair, three-dimensional visual thinking skills, etc. Therefore, the task of the psychologist should not only be to identify the problems, but the strengths as well. This way, they can help the organization to productively use the resources.

The adult dyslexia test is a complex affair, as it has been found that dyslexics usually develop different degrees of compensatory strategies in an attempt to hide their disabilities. For example, they may be rude to you when you talk about something that is difficult for them to understand, such as several numerical sequences.

However, the problem of adult dyslexia should never be a hindrance to employment. Instead, every organization must develop certain strategies to assist those with dyslexia increasing performance effectively in the workplace.

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